Top Kodi Addons 2018 List For Sports | Live Tv | Movies – Best Working Kodi Addons

Kodi is terribly a good platform which is useful for the home media centers which is become more and more add-ons in the top kodi addons list forever. However, this suits for the media center which is useful for bringing wonderful results on watching movies, sports, and others. Of course, it creates your media via connecting laptop or computer device. When it utilizes, it could turn into interface connection of XBMA which is now known as Kodi. Kodi is a streaming application which runs on various platforms to bring forth necessary application in digital Media. Kodi app provides the best features that easily give the suitable option for watching stream via media or through an internet connection.

On the other side, this kodi is an open source app which is extremely available and easy to modify the consumers on watching the live streaming. It has usual set up, and a user can adopt the Kodi as digital Media streamer in cost effective way. When it dropped in the support, the Kodi has a strength that allows to increasing streaming more and more in a natural way. Among the developer community, it easily recovers from the work and released with the help of previous version available as streaming media app.

Furthermore, it is developed for the Microsoft Xbox and known as XBMC which is suitable for media center. It has basic functionality that keeps track of the digital media content for giving high definition videos and images for your need. Moreover, the Kodi have various Addons that massively use for making the streamline of live TVs. If you wish to access the Netflix account, kodi app is apt for you to watch sports, TV live, and there is Kodi add-on available for you simply.

Top ranked Kodi Addons – January 2018

If you wish to know which Addons are familiar for the recent months, then it shows you list that consists of Kodi Addons till July month. Some of the crazy Addons remains strong and hence still top ranking among different Kodi Addons. Just go to this link and check the list of top ranked Kodi Addons and enjoyed popular channels forever.

           Kodi Addon                                                     No.of Votes

Exodus Addon                                                                     1584

Zen Addon                                                                             502

Specto Fork Addon                                                            434

Phoenix Addon                                                                     390

BOB Unrestricted Addon                                                 355

UK Turk”s Playlists Addon                                               255

Players Klub Bete Addon                                                  209

Sports Devil  Addon                                                             200

1Channel Addon                                                                     179

Best Kodi Addon For sports in 2018

  • USTVNow Plus
  • SportsDevil
  • BBC iPlayer
  • cCloud TV
  • Quantum (Formerly Sanctuary)
  • Pro Sport
  • Goodfellas 2.0
  • Made in Canada IPTV
  • FilmOn Simple
  • Rising Tides
  • Falcon

Steps for installing top Kodi Addons and its list

There is no need for introducing the Kodi Addons, but it is essential to know the installation procedure for it. However, this makes you grab attention on different lists, and that is easy to browse media content through online. Most Addons are remained with Kodi which automatically checks for the new Addons anytime. But, they have distinct features and functionalities when comparing with each other. It highly adds some extra features that deserve the best practice in giving the suitable option for grabbing it. With the stream media content, it highly posed by UK Turk’s playlists, Exodus, and much more Addons.  Here, you will find some top 8 perfectly working Addons for movies streamline. So people who all are seeking for a long time to know about the steps for installing and the list of kodi Addons can follow here. Hope it will be useful for the users.

8 Perfect Working Top Kodi Addons For Movies 2018

1 ) Zen Kodi Addon:

If you were eagerly looking the familiar Kodi Addon for watching HD movies, then Zen is a perfect Addon for sports and other live TV to watch eagerly. With the huge selection of HD movies, it prevails from numerous sites and streams via online. With the similar functionalities of Exodus, Zen Kodi Addon is familiar and hence keep track of the best solution to stream via online.

It could suddenly watch TV shows and movies by selecting them from the list. To start using Zen Kodi Addon, you need to open the Kodi first and follow the instructions carefully when you install the Addon for the device. The instructions have to proceed correctly to watch the live stream of live movies from other sites.


Steps to install Zen Kodi Addon

  • At first, open system and tap file manager.
  • Click Add sources in the option.
  • Enter web address of portal and press ok.
  • In the box highlighted, enter a name for media source.
  • Go again to the main page and click Add-ons in the system.
  • Pick the option and choose to install Zip file.
  • Choose the file Noobsandnerds or enter the name.
  • Then, select it as
  • Wait until the add-ons notification on the appear.
  • Tap on video Add-ons and select Zen.
  • Click install button.
  • Wait for few seconds.
  • Finally, Zen is successfully install with Kodi.

    2 ) Silent Hunter Kodi Addon :

Silent Hunter Kodi Addon is a perfect Addon which has numerous features and functionalities to watch Ultra HD movies and lists with sports working channel accordingly. When it streamlined with the new features, then grab attention on this perfect Kodi Addon that suits the requirement. But, it has a large number of movies with any quality type including 3D and 4K effects. Within one click, the Silent Hunter has movies and TV shows based on the server lists provided by them. It came up with a huge selection of movies that simplify the best Kodi Adds to turn with new releases and middle order movies to stream successfully.

It can stream any movies whether it perfectly suits your requirement and dedicated to watching the live movies from this Silent Hunter Kodi Addon. It is still an amazing Addon for Kodi by including quality content such as 3D and 4k effects for the movies. So, you have to look back the features and specifications that consist of streaming live movies without any trouble. It looks amazing Addon for the people who need to watch HD and live TV shows from Silent Hunter Kodi Addon.


Installation procedure for Silent Hunter Addon

  • Initially, start with Kodi streaming software.
  • Then go to the system and open File Manager.
  • Now, click on Add Source and then select<None>.
  • You have to enter the following link which is official provide from the Kodi Software.
  • Enter and then enter it.
  • Just type Streamteam in the highlighted box with name for Media source and then press OK.
  • Come back to the home screen and go to the system.
  • Pick the option Add-ons and then install from Zip file.
  • Go the option Addon and then choose it.
  • Click on
  • Wait for the notification and appear for Add-on enabled.
  • Then choose Install from repository, or you can use click on Get Add-ons.
  • Select the Streamteam and then select video Add-ons.
  • Then, choose Silent Hunter.
  • Add click on install then wait for enable notification.
  • Finally, Silent Hunter Addon successfully installed in your Kodi device.

These are the simple steps that you need to carry for installing the silent hunter addon.

3 ) Redemption Kodi Addon

It is completely a new as well as best Kodi Addon which is familiar in streaming movies, music, and TV shows. It has various categories where the users can spend time on watching the live shows without any trouble. However, Redemption Kodi Addon is giving best possible solution and just seems to work better than other Kodi Addon. With lots of collections, Redemption Kodi Addon is a best one and easily tested which is suitable for the updates and reducing malicious content.

This Redemption Kodi addon surely brings you the latest movies to stream online and presents with the help of great Kodi Add on and features listed on the playlist. When you use this  addon once, then it becomes a great Kodi Add on for you to choose right option forever. So, you have to install this media stream software and allow you to watch live TV shows and movies freely.


Installation procedure for Kodi Addon

  • At initial stage, open Kodi or XBMC.
  • Then, go to file manager and then click on Add Source.
  • Select <none> in the box appear.
  • Just type the web address exactly
  • Click done to proceed.
  • Enter redemption in the box named and choose this for media source as type in place of redemption column.
  • Click on Done and then press OK.
  • Again Navigate to Main Menu and click on System then settings option.
  • Pick Add-ons in the list.
  • Press select install from Zip file.
  • Again choose redemption.
  • Click on
  • Now wait for notification.
  • Finally, redemption Kodi Addon is installed.
  • Choose redemption and enjoy watching live streaming movies and TV shows.

4 ) Specto Fork Kodi Addon

It is now the latest Addon which comes from a recent update by the Genesis. It is completely free to work with active links, and you suppose to watch live movies and TV shows in a simple manner. However, the code is based on the Genesis that allows one to interface with similar Addon. When you prefer to watch TV shows or movies, then this Specto Fork Kodi Addon is suitable for you to watch it clearly without any trouble. This is familiar and allows watching most well-rounded collections of content links. If you want to stream online, then choose best option of a favorite folder and start streaming it on Specto Fork Kodi Addon. It also allows you to save the files quickly and search your favorite program now.


Installation procedure for Specto Fork Addon

The installation process is very easy and allows you to watch the live movies quickly as possible.

  • Star with the Kodi App.
  • Go to the system then settings choose file manager.
  • Click on Add source.
  • Press <None>.
  • Enter the URL as
  • Then, press click once it was done.
  • Then enter film Kodi in the given box and enter a name for media sources.
  • Then tap ok Button.
  • Go back to the main menu and then system.
  • Prefer on Add-ons.
  • Choose the method install from zip file.
  • Click on Filmkodi.
  • Just go to file
  • After that,
  • Wait for few minutes to receive notification from Specto.
  • Then press on Install from Repository/Get Addons.
  • Tap oncom repository.
  • Select video add-ons.
  • Choose Specto Fork.
  • Click on Install tab.
  • Wait for few minutes and enabled while receiving notification.
  • At last, the Specto Fork Addon successfully install with the Kodi.

5 ) SALTS Kodi Addon:

Stream all the Sources (SALTS) is a different kind of Kodi Addon which help you to get video streaming via online. When you tap SALTS Addon, then it allows streaming the media content from a lot by different media sources. It is known as most familiar and best Kodi Addon that initially provides best results for watching the live stream for the users. When you use Salts Kodi Addon as a better replacement, then it works with Trakt Addon and gives the best features to watch favorite shows or movies.

It could easily update with the stream the sources and consists of official beta version forever. Salts Kodi addon is a best alternative Addon that is capable of watching live stream without any trouble. Of course, this is better in upcoming days to watch the live TV shows and movies simply. Here, the installation procedure allows you to install the SALTS Kodi Addon for your need.


Installation procedure for SALTS Kodi Addon:

  • At first, you need to Download the tknorris repo file and save it on the device where you will access.
  • Then, go to system then Settings.
  • After that, search the option of Add-ons and click on it.
  • Tap on Install from Zip.
  • Choose Tknorris beta repo and click it and wait for getting enable notification.
  • Come back again to the Add-ons menu and choose the option Install from a repository.
  • Then, click on tknorris beta repository.
  • Tap on Video add-ons and then Stream all the sources.
  • Now click on Install.
  • Finally, the SALTS Kodi Addon and enjoy watching streaming online

6 ) Bob unrestricted Kodi Addon

BobKodi Addon is fresh in all other add on for the kodi application and it is developed from the member of the Phoenix add – on kodi like Costa , Valhalla , TNPB, Blue and much more . recently it is well update to the Version 1.3.7 with special added features . an update make both Phoenix team blue and Valhalla to be shocked and it become top Kodi addon and turn number of the friends in the team Bob .

Follow the below steps to install the respective Bob unrestricted Kodi addon

The Kodi apps are checkout the major update at ever time of the being restarted . here the Kodi Addon Bob Unrestricted repo apps updated with the 5 player listers that are jump to create a special team named as Bob.

Bob Unrestricted addon is type of the phoenix fork with additional added function and other features . however, the Bob Unrestricted is new addon of Kodi with the update functionalizes which are not yet started and some of sections are not being completed.


 How to install the Bob Unrestricted Kodi Addon Repo

  • Start.
  • Choose to system click from the File manager.
  • Have double click on the respective Add source and hit enter on it.
  • Enter official link
  • Click on it.
  • Now type “Noobs” in the field of entitled and then provides names for media link, then click on Ok option.
  • Now GO back to the home page and the click on Adds ons from same file manger in the system.
  • Search out the Zip file and click on the “ nan”.
  • Now click on Zip file and need to wait until the file get refreshed.
  • Now install from repository Kodi version.
  • Choose Noobsandnerds repository and choose video add os, now pick Bob and hit enter on install.
  • Stay ideal for few minutes until enable notification.
  • Finally you can get message the Bob Unrestricted is well installed.

7 ) Phoenix kodi Addon:

It is class and best Kodi Addon 2018 and it update recently with version of 3.2.0. In this updation, there is few changes taken place when you compare with the old version. Almost every knows that the Lambda bring update in the phoenix codes so they said that the phoenix follow the Lambda update for the Exodus. Here the recent Phoenix addon of Kodi apps did not supported by the Kodi team but the Phoenix as well as rep is found through fusion. When you have fusion already, the user can install direct via with the Zip file. On completing installation of the respective phoenix, the user has to user from the same Add-ons Directory. If you fresh to install such the apps, you may have chance to meet lot of problem, even some time get fails. Hence you can follow the process of the two parts such as installation of fusion and after it phoenix addons.


Steps To Install Phoenix Kodi Addon :

  • Go with the Kodi.
  • get on system and choose from the file manager.
  • Now find box on the screen and hit on “ None”
  • Enter link and click on it.
  • Give fusion over the box and enter names along for media source before click ok.
  • Get back to home page and go to system setting option.
  • Choose on Add-Ons.
  • Hit it to install from downloaded Zip file.
  • Choose Fusion from the give list from source page.
  • Click on the Kodi repos and choose English language.
  • Then click on and stay for few minutes until you enable the add-ons.
  • Choose the producer to install from give repository.
  • On completed the above process of choosing , just choose Add-ons repository asag.
  • Then choose the phoenix from the give video add-ons.
  • Then install it and stay until add on notification enabled.

When you follow the above process as per the given steps above, the phoenix add on is well installed with Kodi and now it is ready to run and make use in a user-friendly manner.

Also Check and and

8 ) Exodus Kodi Addon

It is replacement of Genesis and it is updated with support of the code by the respective Lambda. Among major running add-Ons of Kodi apps, the Exodus is one of the popular apps and it works well on Kodi. Here Genesis is consider as one of the right add ons that can run by the support of the Kodi but the feature become worse on it. However, in the Genesis add-on, the content becomes the dead stream and another commonplace. Hence, the respective Genesis developer updates the Exodus. Then Exodus is update of lampda, which can be removing from the malicious content from the same add-on that has become main reason for the quite uproar.

In order to collect the details about the latest update of the Kodi , you need to restart the Kodi and make to check out the major updation to get new experience of Kodi add ons . In lasted version of Genesis, there is wish folder is founded but in the Exodus has no folder so it becomes great thing on choosing such apps. When you need to install such Exodus Add-on and then go for downloading the Kodi for your system. On following the given instruction, you need to install Exodus in the Kodi.


Follow the process of installing Exodus on Kodi

  • Open Kodi apps.
  • Choose system from the file manager.
  • Now click on the Add source.
  • Choose the respective link
  • Click the option of the next button.
  • Now enter names for the media source in the box and click on fusion in it.
  • On completed filling the need requirements, check twice and hit enter.
  • Click on system and choose add-ons.
  • Select install from the given Zip file.
  • Now choose the option of Fusion and on completing it kodi repos.
  • Now select the English language.
  • Click on
  • Choose install from give repository.
  • On completed selecting the Exodus Repository and choose videos Add-ons.
  • Wait until notification get enables add on.
  • Now the Exodus is installed in a winning way and now it is ready to run.

Six right Kodi Addons for sport with updated features

1 ) 1channel Kodi Addon:

It is not supported by the Kodi team and XBMC foundation but here 1channel is consider as the second add on in the Kodi and it provide scraping of movies and other Famous Tv shows. This 1channel Kodi Addon adds on will streams the content only online site. Here the primewire is one of the best sites that the content will be scrapped by the extension of kodi. Then 1channel Kodi add on offer the streamed content over the prime wire which mean that add on has some limited site for streaming the movies and to other TV shows. This Kodi is built with the advance features of move menu but in the 1channle add-ons is biggest selection of TV shows and other new movies.


 Step to install the 1channel Kodi add on:

  • Choose Kodi and go for installation of 1channel Kodi addon.
  • Choose the Add source and then click option of “ None
  • Provide URL exactly as and click on it.
  • Provide Fusion in the given box for media source and hit OK button.
  • Then come back to main page and choose system add-ons.
  • Now choose Zip file to install and choose the fusion.
  • Choose xbmc-repos.
  • Now choose language English.
  • Choose file repository
  • Then wait for few seconds to get enable notification over the Kodi.
  • Now click on install from repository and select the Tknorris Addon repository.
  • Choose videos add-ons and 1 Channel.
  • Now click to install.
  • Wait for little munity to be notified.

By following given steps is provide right method of installation of the Kodi.

2 ) UK Turks Playlist Kodi Addon :

Recently, it make updated over the Add on and update version is of V3.02 with new features, which become special for the user. Now the old version of the UK Turks playlist is not supported in the Kodi box. Hence, user need verify before going to make use of UK Turks playlist to become in EPL. It support major liver sport event so the user can wish to watch major movies and other TV shows in fine manner. among the kodi , the UK turks Kodi add-ons become best add on which filled with the live TV , radio , Turkish TV, documentaries , TV shows and much more enjoy watching. It is built with updated feature, which is single click to play and function in best manner.

The new version of UK Turks is developed for the sport field with the various links to games and it filed with bundle of sport channels. This playlist have different update features and special development in the wider areas such

  • Develop end number of link channel.
  • Provide security to stop watching to steal the stream.
  • Bring worldwide search for the complete add –ons.
  • Create watch list option to identify the show which watched before.
  • Allow to add favorite show on your media library.


Step to install Instruction of UK Turks playlist version 2.0:

  • Begin the Kodi software.
  • Choose Add source and click “ none “ option.
  • Enter fusion in the given box and provide name for the media source.
  • Then click on “ OK “
  • Navigate back to home page.
  • Click over the Add–ons and choose Zip file to install.
  • Choose fusion from the list give on Kodi.
  • Select XbMC repos and choose English.
  • Then choose Repository.
  • Stay for few seconds to get notification.
  • Choose on Metalkettales repository and choose Video add-ons.
  • Now choose the Uk Turks playlist.
  • Then go for installing.
  • Now wait to get enable notification.

Therefore, the user can go with step to install in a successful way and now user can watch all sorts of sport and movies in a fine a manner.

Here is some of the common Kodi Odd-ons to watch sport channel without meeting any problem on the Oddons such

  1. Specto
  2. SALTS
  3. Phoenix
  4. SportsDevil

Sport devil Kodi Addon:

 The sport devil is oldest version of the Video Add ons of Kodi and it is complete available with the free of cost and make use of link to enjoy watching live sport and other events in TV show . By these years, the Hubbab3 is taken special steps and update Sport Devil Kodi Addon. Then Kodi extension is commonly support to get stream live sport over the Kodi and even it include NFL content. This sport devil has main features, which offer huge channel so you can enjoy watching TV shows and other live stream programs. Here the Kodi is not supporting to the Sport Devil because it is third party add ons.

Update features:

  • It built with the single live sport event which are on airs every day and wrestling on UFC and PPV.
  • It allow to watch the end to end English premier league of UK football stream with the different qualities.
  • Each NFL games has Redzone and it allow to watch all season in the Kodi.
  • It allows to watch wide range of games such the Basketball, hockey, foot ball , baseball and much more.


Step to install Sport Devil Kodi Add on:

  • Go with the Kodi app and choose the file manger.
  • Select the source of Add and enter the “ None” option button.
  • Provide Url
  • Choose on “Done” option.
  • Enter Fusion over the given box and click option of “Ok” button.
  • Come back to home page.
  • Select system and choose Add ons.
  • Click on the Zip file to install as well as choose on Fusion.
  • Now choose the Kodi repos and choose English.
  • Select repository.
  • User have to wait for few minutes’ up to getting notification.
  • Choose on install from add ons and select videos.
  • Now click the sport Devil option and click on it to install.
  • Now you enable notification within few seconds.

Hence, you can able to watch TV show and other thing in a fine manner with no risk of it. it is complete free to install the watch the major sport and TV show in the system.

5 best Kodi Live Tv Addons 2018 Echo streams Kodi addon:-

It is a top rated IPTV add-on gives the best on scene. The echo stream includes extreme level of prospective after the testing process completion. Besides, it includes several hidden games along with thousands of interesting TV channels to watch and earn big experience. Now, you can enjoy Live Tv shows on High Definition quality from all USA and UK on Kodi with great Echo streams addon. You don’t waste time anymore to watch the entire preferred live TV shows like sports, documentaries, entertainment, cartoon, kids, news and some others. If you like to install addon to get live streaming of Tv channels make sure echo stream is suitable and perfect Kodi addon all the time for you.


Simple echo stream with Kodi installing steps:-

  • First, you have to open Kodi or XBMC.
  • Choose the file manager on your desktop screen.
  • Press Add-Source.
  • Click <None>.
  • Give the appropriate link
  • Now, you have to press done.
  • Enter Echo or name in the empty field and give media source name and press ‘Ok’.
  • Now, you have to enter into the homescreen.
  • Go to settings from the system menu option.
  • Press add-on.
  • Click the install option from zip file.
  • Scroll down for options and press echo.
  • Select the file
  • You have to wait for few seconds to enable add-on notification.
  • Select install option from repository.
  • Press echo repository.
  • Click video add-ons.
  • Press Excalibur streams.
  • Choose install.
  • You have to wait little to get the notification on the screen.
  • If you carefully follow the instructions now you can access Echo streams add-on after completion of install process in the kodi device.

Stream army Kodi addon:-

It is one of the familiar and top Kodi addon includes huge collection of media content. The live stream army comprise of bigger storage of comedy shows, TV channels, kids, documentary, sports, music, movies, etc. The stream army kodi addon provides media content high quality and give search option to get the favorite media content and offer diverse stream contents. If you like to know further related to the stream army kodi extension first you should install the addon and look further functionalities and features.


Steps to install stream army:-

  • Enter into the system menu and see file manager.
  • Press add source and choose <None>.
  • Now, you have to paste the copied url into the link bar
  • Give media source name like stream army.
  • Get back to the system menu and enter into add ons option.
  • Choose the option to install directly from zip file.
  • Select stream army and click
  • You have to wait few minutes to receive add on notification.
  • Now, you have to select install file from repository and click stream army.
  • You should press video add on and click stream army.
  • You have to wait for few seconds to enable add on notification.
  • The stream army add on installed appropriate with the Kodi.

White devil stream Kodi add-on:-

It is the popular and best add-on Devil stream kodi extension from Biggy Ozz. The white devil stream includes audio books, live TV and movies. Those who utilize add on with the kodi device you can easily impress with the high quality media content. The Kodi add on stream that the entire media content types from 3D movies especially to the documentaries.


Steps to install devil stream add-on:-

  • You have to open XBMC or Kodi add on.
  • Now, you have to enter into the file manager option.
  • Press add on source.
  • Now, you have to visit exact URL and press enter.
  • You have to enter Brettus on the empty field and type media source name and press enter.
  • Now, you have to go back to the menu and choose add on.
  • Press install option from zip file.
  • Choose the Brettus option and press white devil streams.
  • You have to stay few seconds to get add on notification on the screen.
  • Now, you can get successful completion of installation white devil stream with Kodi.

Project D Kodi add on:-

Those who want to enter into the live stream take a look at the best add on. Many add on accessible based on the user expectation, but you have to make sure choosing appropriate one. Here, you can choose the project D kodi addon specially created for sports enthusiastic as well as busy in various activities. Besides, there’s no enough time to stay connected with the live sports for big entertainment. The project list includes playlist delivered via Alpha add on. In addition to, the project D add on extremely specialized for such sports event replays with several sports for you like MLB basketball, NHL hockey, European Football, NFL Football, RFU, Indy car, etc. You don’t miss anything to watch out and enjoy a lot with the best add on ready to meet the needs.


How to install Project D kodi add on:-

  • You have to open Kodi and access system file manager.
  • Press add source and click <None>.
  • You have to make sure website appropriate and press enter.
  • Now, you have to give some name for media device as PD and press ‘Ok’.
  • You have to carefully watch out upcoming steps locate home screen along with addons.
  • Choose install option from zip file and select PD.
  • Select and stay for few seconds to get display of enabled add on notification.
  • The installation process gets success and now the project D add on correctly installed with Kodi.

Those who are entertainment enthusiastic don’t miss to watch out favorite movies, films or sports with Kodi. You have to keep Kodi digital media streaming app and enter into high quality media content to access via internet. You can also utilize diverse add on enhance the media quality and delivery several features based on the user choice. The entire process of add on installation extremely simple and easier one to know and follow at anytime.