Install I4ATV DX Addon On Kodi (Guide)

Hello Guys , in this article i would like to guide you for installing I4ATV DX Kodi Addon Repo by providing the complete information about it.

This is for all the candidates who are eagerly looking for IPTV Channels , for all such aspirants we advise not to waste your valuable time in search of any other repo as there is a best repo called I4ATV DX Addon .The candidates who love to watch live TV Series or live channels from the internet will surely like this I4ATV DX Addon. This Add-on allows you to get your desired live TV Channels from anywhere in the countries with your Kodi Setup. The download and installation process of I4ATV addon Repo on Kodi device is simple. So inorder to help you to avoid any kind of difficulties for downloading the I4ATV Kodi repo here we have written a step by step instruction guide for you. All the kodi users have a great option of downloading video addons on their kodi device, after that they will always be in search of getting latest features or new video addons for live streaming of TV Series or live channels. So this I4ATV brings you a great experience surely and a one stop for such aspirants.

How to Install I4ATV Repo On kodi:-

  • Open kodi app and tap on Settings(gear icon) as shown in below image.


  • After that choose File Manager.


  • Now your screen will be divided in two parts. Select Add Source part From Left Side.


  • When the popup occurs, select the word <None>. When it prompts enter & then click on OK.


  • In the Name field enter Your name and you can also give any other fake name to it .Tap on Ok and again hit OK to exit the box.
  • Go back to Home Screen and Hit on Add-ons.


  • On the top left corner of your screen you will see an icon that looks like a box, Select and click on that icon.


  • Now Select Install from ZIP file. If you are installing unofficial for the first time, then you see the next screen.
  • Tap on Settings and move on to Unknown sources from the right.
  • Tap on YES when you see the warning screen. The warning is occurred to let you inform that there is risk involved by installing it. The Kodi app popup this message for the users who are using unofficial repos for the first time .


  • When you get the unknown sources slider again , go to screen and tap or choose Install from ZIP File.


  • When the screen appears as select add-ons or Install from repository then select Super repo > Krypton > All > After completion of the above steps wait till you get an message that says SuperRepo [All][Krypton] is enabled.Now select the option as Install from Repository & click on SuperRepo All.


  • Select Video Addons > I4ATV.


  • While you see the screen of Addon information. Click on Install from below.


  • Wait for sometime till the “Add-on enable notification” message appears. Go back to the few screen till you see the Add-on screen.
  • From the highlighted video add-ons. Select and tap on i4ATV.


  • Now you are ready to use I4ATV Kodi Addon Repo on your kodi device. Now open and enjoy the addon and watch your loved media content from anywhere in the world.

The I4ATV is an amazing and best addon that contains thousands of channels all across the globe. Anything you want to watch from anywhere you will be able to get your desired content by this I4ATV Kodi Addon Repo. But before using the I4ATV Repo you must check you have F4M Tester proxy installed on your device. Use below given instructions to download and install I4ATV Repo.

Check : / pair

The I4ATV DX Addon  recently launched IPTV Addon that allows you to watch thousands of live TV Series or TV Channels across the world with HD picture quality. The I4ATV Addon Repo has two servers by which you can watch the live tv channels. If any one of the server is down you can use the another server to watch the desired media content.  The Addon comes with a huge variety of selections from IPTV Channels within your Kodi Setup. In the I4ATV DX Addon there are many hidden features. Add them to your favorite lists or link them with the TV Guides.

The I4ATV Kodi is installed using the Super Repo Repository on your device.Actually Super repo can’t maintain the I4ATV. It is a live TV addon for Kodi.The I4ATV Repo is only for USA, UK & International Channels. With all the list of large TV channels there will be some broken links also some reliable links are also present with the great streams.

The I4ATV DX Addon Kodi Repo contains thousands of IPTV Channels from across the globe.  The I4ATV Addon Repo has the top categories of channels like English, English-USA, French,Arabic, Greece, German, Netherlands, Spanish,OSN- Orbit Showtime Network,Polish, Italian, Serbian, Portugal and Turkish. Also you need to install the F4M tester proxy to use before installing I4ATV DX Addon.

The I4ATV Kodi Add-on supports Kodi v17 Krypton version of Programs. The Kodi is an open source that’s why thousands of developers are creating add-ons for this media platform app. The Kodi add-ons are divided into two groups.They are official and unofficial kodi addons repository.

The Repository those are located in official kodi addons site are official add-ons and all other are unofficial kodi addons. On the official website there will be no unofficial kodi add-ons.  If you need any kind of help/modifications regarding addons you must contact the specific developer team for support.


The I4ATV DX is a nice IPTV Video Addon for Kodi, This add-on is recently upgraded for 6.0 version  (Recently Albanian Channels added in IPTV Add-on Categories), with a lots of International Live TV Channels for Sports, News , Cartoons,entertainment and Documentaries and thousands of pretty much things that you are searching for on IPTV Add-on. For getting more relevant information of I4ATV DX Addon you can join the developers team group of  I4ATV on facebook/twitter or follow them on Twitter or you can also subscribe the official I4A Channel. They will surely happy to assure you and resolving your I4ATV Addon related problems.

Add Subtitles To Kodi – Install Kodi Subtitles Addon – Get Subtitles

Now a days Kodi end up plainly accessible on an awesome number of gadgets and the Kodi clients are expanding step by step. At times the low-quality substance of sound and video media or remote language is the explanation for you gets a kick out of the chance to utilize subtitles. Kodi is extraordinary compared to another programming for playing media substance or one can likewise call it a Media Player Software. Here you can locate the total subtle elements for how to download and utilize the Kodi subtitles naturally. Kodi is media programming accessible for the fanatics of recordings who get a kick out of the chance to observe live media spilling content. There are different Kodi Add-ons accessible for download and play subtitles Kodi. Kodi gives you the office to watch media content on your PC on the web, however, the Internet.

One can utilize to download and play subtitles for Kodi. There are an extensive variety of additional items accessible for Kodi clients which give astounding media substance to its clients. Beneath you can discover ventures for how to include subtitles Kodi effortlessly and procedure to watch motion pictures and TV appears on the Subtitles Kodi. Presently a tremendous measure of entirely content is accessible on Kodi. Some acclaimed Kodi video add-on as of now has subtitles ability that is an astounding component of Kodi. Be that as it may, once in a while the circumstances happen when you need to utilize subtitles while sitting in front of the TV Shows or Movie.


Steps to Download Kodi Subtitles via

Take the means persistently and you will get the subtitles on Kodi gadget introduced effectively.

  • At first you folks must require creating an account on org or you can likewise utilize the record if as of now have.
  • Presently you need to Launch Kodi and after that go to Settings Menu.
  • Select the choice recorded as Player Settings.
  • Presently from the Sidebar Menu, pick the option Language.
  • Choose required Subtitle Language.
  • Discover the needed language at menu.
  • Presently select the choice for Default TV show services and after that click Get More.
  • Pick open via Open subtitles and there the add-ons will get installed.
  • Do again a similar procedure for Default Movie Source.
  • Move to the Kodi home page.
  • Presently explore the menu to Add-ons and select My Add-ons.
  • Look down the alternatives and after that select Sub folder.
  • Now, here you can find the open and select it.
  • Click Configure Option.
  • Here you need to fill login details.
  • Select Ok and move to the Kodi home page.

Presently at whatever point you are watching TV Shows or Movies or any kind of Video Media Content specifically select subtitles Icon and afterward download the Kodi subtitles. Presently the procedure is finished to download and introduce subtitles on Kodi. Subtitle administrations are introduced and taking a shot at your Kodi Device.

How To Download Kodi Subtitles Addon :

The Kodi as of now has the ability to program download subtitles however as a less than dependable rule one needs more control over subtitles on Kodi determination procedure to get the right subtitle for the media content like video and media. There are different diverse Best Subtitles for Kodi administrations to browse; it relies upon the language which you are scanning for, a few subtitles on Kodi work superior to anything different subtitles. Here, one will empower program subtitles on Kodi by utilizing the AutoSubs Services and furthermore through several subtitles additional items so you can observe all motion pictures and TV Shows with the subtitles in any of the language. You should need to experiment with different various administrations until the point when you can make sense of which Kodi subtitles administrations look appropriate for you. contains Best Subtitles for Kodi.

It doesn’t make a difference in which language you talk; there are various scopes of subtitles accessible online for all of Kodi clients. This is a free Kodi Add-on that is accessible inside the Kodi gadget. The Only thing to know is the procedure how you can download and play the subtitles on Kodi by utilizing It’s anything but difficult to download and get Best Subtitles for Kodi added to the media content that you are viewing on Kodi. It has a component of rating of subtitles on Kodi so you can choose a Best Subtitles for Kodi according to their higher rating and you can likewise give the rates for the subtitles as per the execution on your gadget. It has an extremely wide scope of TV Series, Movies, and other video content. has its authority Kodi add-on and you will utilize that entire extra. Here you can discover the well-ordered manual for introducing and utilize subtitles for Kodi utilizing kodi For Get Subtitles on kodi

Here you will perceive how to include subtitles Kodi and play it using When you can figure out how to download and play Best Subtitles for Kodi then you can without much of a stretch understand the sound and language issues by utilizing subtitles. Much time one will attempt to play film or TV arrangement through Kodi media programming and the sound quality was not all that great. The is a most well-known subtitles administration and it gives great outcomes while including subtitles Kodi. At that point including a portion of the Kodi subtitles encourage you to take the mind off these issues and makes the time charming and blissful for watching films or TV appears.

Extraordinary compared to another component that likewise has in is the ability to see the rating of different people that they provide for a specific subtitle for its execution before downloading that specific subtitle. The TV Shows and film video content are a great deal more pleasant with the subtitles on Kodi which are additionally eluded as shut inscribing. There is different time circumstance comes when somebody needs to see subtitles for Kodi inside an alternate language. By this element, you can without much of a stretch choose which kodi subtitle will be best appropriate for your gadget by checking the download list subtitles.

Kodi for Mac Download App (Latest)

Apple is known for there Smartwork. the most leading Company in 21st century. And apple is one of the fortuners in the smartphone  and electronic gadget race in this most updated modern world. Apple has been the best creator of the one of the well liked Smartphones and Computers in the world. Apple MacBook Series is one of them. if you own one of them, then for sure this post gonna help you to download Kodi for Mac Download App (Latest) which really helps you a lot.
Kodi is a Best media player and also called as the Best media streaming app and this is most preferred app by many people in this modernized world. It’s a media player with all the outstanding features which’re best than all of the other media players out there. It has got tons of traits than i guarantee you, you’ll never end up on this app. and it has got the best of the best features than any other app. At least not all of them for sure.


In this Post Now, our goal would be to explain how easy you can download and install  kodi on your Mac Computer in very simple manner. Let’s move ahead from here.

Kodi for Mac Download


Kodi for Mac Download is as easy as it resonance. you need to make a note of one thing before we get into the process of downloading. i just wanna share this with you, that kodi is not available on the ITunes store. Now, this can make you down, but don’t worry about that we’re here to help you out with the best process of downloading without any use of ITunes but a little bit More lengthy. you need to add few more steps for that. and i’m sure that’s not that tough. it’s a very easy procedure.

The method then we gonna discuss in this section is so easy. you can install Kodi on your mac in no time. you can carry it out very quickly. Follow the steps which are mentioned below to get it done.

  • So Start your mac Computer, Quickly open the Safari browser. Write or type the following Link in the address bar and press Enter button.
  • Or else you can do it in this way by clicking the link directly on your Macbbook. it will straight away redirect you the download page of the Kodi for Mac OS. in less time.
  • Once it’s done,you’ve to click on the button with “Installer” beside Release. That is the stout release of the app and that is what you’re hunting for and here you go on which you need.
  • When you click on the button, it starts downloading automatically. it make take few mintues or seconds of time depending upon your internet speed.
  • Once you’re done with the download, you need to go to your downloads folder and need to locate the file as per your wish.
  • The file is called as .DMG format, so if i want to say in a beter way it is called as Disk image. Double click on it launch it and see the contents.
  • There you can find the installation file. you need to drag and drop in it the application folder. and moving further.
  • IF you’re a Mac user then for sure you konw where exactly is the appalication folderis. actually,if i want to say the disk image will have a link which will redirect you to the application folder.
  • Then from here you need to do just few needfull things to get it done. Kodi Mac Installation will start and it will be over even before if you see it. Here it’s done. Enjoy, Good Day!

This Windups the process of getting Kodi On Mac and you’ll be so happy to see that the installation will done in couple of minutes.

This methodical completes the process of getting the app for Mac and with it, Our post on the Kodi mac Download app (Latest). i guess you got everything explained here in this post. if you’ve any further queries or question relating the app feel free to reach us on Kodi Download App. Here we’re 24/7 to help you.

[Official]Kodi On Ps4 & Ps3:How To Install Guide-Simple Methods

 kodi on ps4 and PS3 : Kodi is a highly excellent solution for developing Home media center. Besides, it will be much more superior to you if you make use of it along with Few add-ons in the top Kodi add-ons list.  If you love to watch sports, movies and then to develop your home media center via a personal computer or laptop, your options moved to the excellent interface of XBMC that is right now known as Kodi.  In fact, it is an incredible streaming latest app that runs on a different platform and also makes use of streaming digital media content. On the other side, this app offers you eye catching features mainly to watch the stream media content as well as develop it watch appealing much more whether it is stored on the local hard drive otherwise via internet resource.  Furthermore, it is an open source application which means it is freely accessible and also efficiently tailored to satisfy the desires of every user.


How To Install Kodi on Ps4 and PS3 :

This app is mostly used by several numbers of folks around the globe.  At present, most of the Smartphone user can watch their favorite videos, movies and much more without any issues. The issue you may obtain during watching video is streaming otherwise struggling to obstruct where issues the XBMAC Foundation has established an application which is well known as Kodi application. Are you eager to conventional highlighting features of Kodi? Then you needed to go through remaining following points to get exact details. Here you will learn simple steps to install Kodi on ps4.

Steps To Install Kodi on PS4 :

Here you can able to find out simple and efficient steps on how to install Kodi on the play stations.  The following process all is regarding the installation procedure of Kodi Ps4 on a comfortable device.

  • There is new and creative applications are currently accessible for you to install Kodi PS4 which is plex app.
  • It is one of the great and excellent alternative applications to acquire the Kodi on PS4 app in your Smartphone.
  • In fact, every mobile user can install this Kodi application with the help of Plex app. The developers of Kodi are yet functioning regarding the authorized version of Kodi in front of that you can make use of this Plex app.
  • It has several numbers for attractive features such as Kodi ps4. Therefore, you simply install this plex app on your Smartphone to watch video and movies without any disturbance.
  • Therefore, make a note of the above mention points and try to download on your device to experience excellent watching experiences.

Check : Fix

Steps To Install Kodi on Ps4 & PS3

Below are simple and straightforward steps which help you to easily install Kodi on your Ps 4 and PS 3 without any issues.  You can also download the Plex applications rather than of Kodi due to the manufacture of Kodi is so far designing the Kodi PS4 and PS3. So, based on your unique preference you can choose any one of the ways to install it on your device. Here are steps which explain to you how to download the Plex app on your Smartphone.  You just read the steps very carefully and do it as it is given below to get ideal solutions.

  • At first, you need to go to play store. In the search option, you would observe Sony Rewards, Tv Shows, Extras, and Movies
  • Now, look for plex application with the help of search option
  • Then, you will able to find out plex app in the play store, and now you need to tap on the download button to obtain the plex app.
  • If you are a tap on the download choice, it will grab some more time to install it on your mobile it is entirely based on your internet data speed hence wait for some until the installation completes.
  • After the installation is completed, then you want to some task to run it on your device exactly
  • If you are a new consumer hence you want to create your account in the plex application otherwise if you are already a user of this app, then you could use your existing user account to run it on your Smartphone.
  • Now, the link & code will produce behind this procedure the code & link will take you to the home page
  • Here you want to type your code to obtain a notification “App Linked.”
  • If you are receiving any error message such as “APP cannot be Able to connect to the media server.” In this condition, you need to grab your mobile phone and just go to the Google play store & download plex app and sign in into the applications along with your user account.
  • At last, permit the choice such as show camera roll media, and advertise as a server, network discovery from the mobile setting options.

Amazing Features Of Kodi PS3 and PS4

  • It is one of the most favourite app for user those who wish to watch videos in the electronic gadgets.
  • It is all due to its different operations as well as incredible features for these ample reasons every mobile phone user is highly showing their keen interest in downloading and using this app on their mobile.
  • With the aid of this Kodi on PS4, you could watch the entire videos without any disturbance by utilizing the internet the Kodi player is also accessible for the Linux, windows and much more.
  • The Kodi PS4 music, play videos, view pictures and also merits you would obtain from this astonishing application. It is the HTPC app, and this Kodi in the PS4 is world broad by utilizing this application.
  • From the universe, a consumer is currently using along with their mother tongue or else in any languages as per their convenient. This modern application supports several languages from the globe.

Kodi PS4 And PS3 Available for Different Devices

Do you have any doubt regarding whether this app supports multiple devices? Of course, this application is developed based on supporting different devices. Kodi is one of the most excellent apps mainly for watching videos without any interruptions. It includes several numbers of exciting features superior to some other video viewing app. The majority of the user is addicted to Kodi applications due to its, excellent features and also a convenient experience of watching videos and movies. The user can also make use of this applications substitute app such as pelx app.  Hence, just don’t waste your time on watching your favourite movie on some other app.  Just download this Kodi app on your Smartphone and enjoy every moment of watching videos and movies without any disturbance.

Kodi Genesis Addon : How To Install Genesis For Kodi(Genesis Addons Download)

Kodi is streaming software which helps a user to browse content from local areas and worldwide. It provides different options to a user to browse certain topics via the internet. Kodi Genesis is software that looks like an app you can access it on your laptop, Pc, Xbox, Raspberry Pi. This is powerful and popular software to add a good value of content and increase productivity. If you install this kodi software on your system you have plenty option to find add- ons.  It is an open source application and one of the streaming software. Different options are available for Kodi while Genesis stands outs as best software among other add-ons.


Currently, Genesis addon is not working properly for many users because uses for many internet related websites changes API by many site and movie sources. Huge numbers of people are operating different software in their Pc, but Genesis is one of the software on Kodi. It helps to view movies and TV shows on your home itself. If you like to install Genesis on Kodi following steps, help you to give proper instructions to install software without any hassle. With the help of individual link you download an app on your laptop or computer.

Steps To Install Genesis On Kodi:

Nothing is easy in this life if you have guidance from someone which makes you process with simple steps. Most of them think that installation process is complex, if you read this step by step guidance then you install own.  In the below steps you get full guidance to install this software on your computer. Use below-given methods how to install genesis on Kodi. It will take few minutes to install on your laptop with fewer steps. So, follow the guidance


  • Genesis is an add-on for Kodi. First, you have to download Kodi genesis on your system and then install it on the hardware.
  • To start the installation process of this software, open Kodi on your system, move it to a system. You need to open file manager on settings.
  • In the settings, you have to click on Add-ons option. Find the Add source on the Add ons tab which makes to start everything on the system.
  • Click on Add source, select none option.
  • Now you have to reach the point where add-on stored on the hardware. Then add the source IP link that makes your device as USB stick to start downloading the application.
  • Enter the link of genesis, click on done option after entering the link.
  • You have to add name source on it make you get confused. So you remember name source as fusion.
  • If you do not enter correct source name it navigates to a home screen.
  • Proceed process to a system by click on ok button.
  • If you once you select ok button then you should click on option Install from zip and go to fusion option.
  • Now, you should install from a zip file which already appears on the system.
  • Choose Xbmc -repos, select language as English the file look like “”
  • Choose this zip file and it shows Repository Is added. It does not end process of genesis software installation.
  • You have to go home screen and install software manually on your device.
  • In the step, click on Install from repository and choose Lambda Add on repository. This will take few seconds to display like list.
  • Now, you can able to view next window and navigate by clicking on video add-on. Then select genesis and you have to install the application.
  • Repeat the same steps on installing and you receive add on notification.
  • You have to wait for few minutes and it will add to kodi.

The installation process of genesis is completed successfully, it moves to video section. If you know how to install once then you can install easier. If you followed these steps correctly you no need to worry about installation and gives more technical knowledge to you.

Facts of genesis not working on Kodi:

Today, most of people are not aware of the open source software.  This is work for longer time, add-on acts as third party source. There are no supports offered for genesis risks. Developer of genesis called lambda is not offering support for longer.

The developer not providing streaming service and user cannot able to browse content for longer time.  It will be dead because developers are no offering longer active.   They also in the same field but they do not offer best service to it.

They are viewing different status that comes with several options. There is no doubt other developers have related version of the genesis. It is one of the downsides for streaming and simple to process.  However, every host has involved coding and API that should make to process longer with smoothly and not change any coding or API. It is the reason why genesis software was not working on Kodi.

Important things why genesis was not working on Kodi:

  • The is the contributing factor of genesis. This site will show user to view all information of movie and TV shows. If you are browsing any shows from the genesis, popular shows and other data fetched from the website will be changed with their API recently. Add-on will present on the website but changed later by the site that nonresponsive to users. The genesis not able to fetch data from the website, no updates are on the site.
  • Real Debrid is modified their API and it supports old API. It does not fetch any data from add-on because location from the original path is changed. Installed download of the genesis is not fetched on the same site.

Due to these two reasons add-on not working. At the end of streaming original path will be changed and kodi is unable to fetch data from this. By, these issues streaming not available in genesis. 

Download replacement of Kodi addon:

With the disappointment genesis source will go down. There is no point to feel about genesis. If you make better replacement to the genesis, no one can sort add-on problems.  If the users do not worry about issues, then they work with other software. Various options are available to operate other software you have to go through it. If you are looking to get best solution, different add-on will confuse you. Numerous of alternative add-on available in the market you cannot able to get your requirement in that. You can go add-on instead of genesis with alternative apps is given below.


This add-on will be created by the creator of genesis which recently released and as name as Exodus. Genesis and exodus are created by same developer, both are similar to use. Currently, this software not working without any hassle and user stream content from any web hosts. Exodus is working excellent than genesis add-on. It helps to browse content from different sites and work perfectly.  You can ready to watch movies with full HD quality and used as a fusion installer.


Specto is using same genesis codes that changes to solve issues. The codes are modifying to remove errors on genesis and new author plug-in to give support to view current updates to solve issues. You also keep checking about all current issues to find any errors in the software. It is the best solution to use as replacement addon instead of genesis.


Velocity is one of alternative addon of genesis. Now, it became popular and content is perfectly hosted based on its sources. It is new one but quit famous one and comes to rescue errors. In the velocity kodi stopped working, it starts to give errors such as Kodi genesis no stream available. If you like to use genesis addon, then you most liked to use this add on.  With the simple process you can download this addon your device. So, download this addon and install on your computer for streaming purpose.

Stream the entire source Beta:

It is also a preferable addon to get latest updates. It has an ability to make stream from several sources. Stream the entire source Beta is similar to genesis and help to get regular updates on your laptop within few seconds. You get more links and sources to browse more content.  Besides, you get more features by using this when compared to another addon.  You view many working links that helpful to know current information about the world.

Movie Hut:

Movie hut addon is focus in movies only. It will offer best search result for those who are finding many movies in the addon. This is a potential one and great replacement to genesis. The addon is recognized and good solution for searching movie. After installation process, many sources are working properly. This is the reason why more people using it.


It not only focuses on offering streaming service, but also give excellent solution to finding addon with good new content for Kodi setup. By operating the Phoenix, you watch live sports, Tv shows, and sources directly on your HTPS.  This is suitable for the people, if cable connection suddenly lost on your TV you can watch any live shows with this. You can install Phoenix by fusion installed on your HPTC. In addition, it works as best fusion installer.

Much Movies HD:

In present days, much movies HD is most well known choice addon to genesis. In this you have to choose source of the movie after choosing specific movie. Several sources are not working, but this addon offer movies automatically on your laptop. While using this you just click on certain movie, then it will appear on your screen. Some films are smaller than the genesis addon, but you do not get these features from others. If you like to watch movie with HD quality then try to install app on your device which makes to offer best solution to you.

It holds current super rero repository and you have to try at least once. For using the addon you find right source of the film and automatically start playing if once you enter name of movie. So, use this addon and know what things should be involved in much movies HD.


Icefilms is highly recommended as an alternative of genesis addon. This plug-in help you to give exclusive watching experience for movie and grouped by genre. This shows you to watch all latest movies which are added in the addon. It helps to stream over seventy thousand movies on the app and test addon with correct way. The addon is organizing to offer best experience for watching any video on this. It gives good experience to get complete renovated addon that streamed with high number.

If you are using any addon which not listed in this, please try to use it.  Other addons are Fusion Kodi, and cartoons 8Kodi. In this article you get more detailed information about genesis addon and what is choice available for genesis. Some replacements are helping the user to get good performance for accessing on TV devices. Before installing any addon on your TV shows you must view how to install on your device and find more details about the software.

If you have any doubts for installing addon then follow these instructions which give perfect guide to install and solve any installing issues. Therefore, it is simple facts to use addon on the device and you also get information why addon was not working in Kodi. So, try anyone of the addon for replacement of genesis and feel like genesis addon while using these types of software.  Use the addon and watch your favorite TV shows or any live serials and movie on any device.  Enjoy lot by using the addon your computer. This is stress-free software that helps to stream live shows on your device. If you have any issues on latest version of genesis addon then contact official site of the software.