or Stream Authorization kodi Error Fix error and errors are the most common errors for any kodi app user and here we have provided two methods with clear steps to clear both the and errors in a easy way which can be solved in matter of minutes.Please refer the below guides on tvad me pair and thevideo me pair error solving.

Got your streaming stuck in between then just select server on your Kodi? Here did you found the pop up message above? Then you you came for the right place.

Hello Guys, here i’m going to give you a very brief explanation about or stream authorization kodi error and if know how to fix it. here you can also find an additional method and at the end of the article.

So, Just like the openload pairing, now server also requires you to get device pairing and when you are attempting to stream the movie. So don’t get just confused between and, so both of them are same and the pairing page for service.

#Updated# Important : is now a very doubtful page and this website is filled with window pop up ads.I suggest you to use only as the original page for then pairing stream authorization kodi. or Pairing Method :

Here if you want to get rid of the popup error message on your Kodi, Here you need to do device pairing and the device pairing for server or tvad me pair server is a very easy and also the straightforward (about 15 seconds).

Here all you need to do is, by using your browser just visit their official website, and can solve the captcha, and from then just click on the Active Streaming button.

Now see below:

1 ) By using your browser just visit: or as the alternative one go to                                      (both are the same pairing page for error

Note: It doesn’t even matter whether the pairing address is prefix http or htpps both of them are going to work very fine. Hence, you can also get the access the either or

So the same case for here you can use both and

2 ) Now just, Click on Active Streaming button at bottom.

activate streaming
kodi tvad streaming error

3 ) Here the Google captcha will appear, to solve the answer then click verify.

tvad me pair successful pair successful

4 ) So if you can see the above message on the page, it means your pairing is successful.

Follow the above simple steps to solve error or error that occurs on your kodi device.Sometimes your device may not support the above method due to the kodi app version that may not fit for pair or pair pairing and for such devices we have provided an alternative way to solve or methods please refer the following steps which will surely solve your tvad me pair error for any version and its a one stop solution for you who are facing error with pair error.

Now here back to your Kodi and then re-select and from the movie server list, and the error message stream authorization will no longer appear for you to see.

And this device pairing will last for 4 hours. and once the time is up, all you have to do is you need to re-visit the page and once again do the pairing. and for 4 hours is more than enough to watch 2 average movies duration.

Another Way to fix & pair stream authorization error

The most simplest way to fix the stream authorization error message on kodi is “Don’t use the host server that which need pairing”. Here if you are madden with the pairing method, then just pick other hosters/server to stream movies. And here don’t select the Openload, or server on Kodi.

So Fortunately, some of the popular add-on such as Covenant, Exodus, and also the Elysium which have an useful feature to exclude those movie server which actually needs pairing.  and for those servers and they will be listed out, and also display only host where you no need of any pairing!

See steps below:

1 ) Now at the home page> Video Add-ons> give right click on Exodus then again Select Settings (tap and        hold on phone)

2 ) Now select the playback then just turn off Hoster with Captcha.

3 ) It’s all Done. Now Exodus will exclude those server which actually requires pairing.

So just notice this, there is some note on the page and it says: “Both your device running the 3rd party application and the one here you are visiting this page here for must you should use the same IP address or pairing will fail for sure. And the Activation will expire in next 4 hours, or for the duration of a premium account”

Now it means the Kodi and the browser which you are using for pairing must be connected to the same IP. And this won’t be a very big problem in andriod, and Iphone, or any Pc Since they have built the browser and the Kodi installed on the same device will also not make any sort of problem.

Also Check : and

What is or Stream Authorization

So here, if any of the Kodi host server asks you to pairing, then that means you are forced to visit their website and also do device pairing for the stream authorization. So the same goes for Server (host).

Here the device pairing itself is a process of registering your device’s and the IP address to now before using their services. There are also several other reasons which actually needs the pairing method.

So the first thing is to prevent any unauthorized user and such as the bot accessing their server. here the pairing will also filter and will limit the services for human only. Hence, There will be no bandwidth leak and which gives the best experience for kodi user, And also free from lag and buffering.

Now the second reason is all about the monetization. and here you will be asked to visit official website and where the various ads are displayed. and the ads will also cover some of the expenses to just maintain their services, and this win-win solution between the kodi users and, just to keep their service up , and very fast and the last would be a reliable source of a movie hoster. pair & pair on FireStick TV and Andriod Box

Here for Firestick Tv or Andriod Tv Box where you got no browser installed, there you can do the pairing with another device browser (PC, Andriod, Iphone) So as long as both of the devices have the same IP address.

So, For example, here you have a FireStick Tv connected to WIFI in your home, and at the same time, your andriod phone will get connected to the WIFI also. Here, you can do the pairing by using the andriod phone browser to visit the beautiful pairing page. So once everything is done, here the error message will no longer will appear on your Kodi FireStick TV

And Actually, Here the pairing works based on giving the access to one particular IP address and not for what kind of the device which you are using. And once your IP address is whitelisted by and all the devices will get connected to your Ip and will also automatically will have the access to the service. & pair not working

So here in many of the cases, if i want to say especially for the Iphone and the Andriod, the most GSM cellular and the provider will use the public IP Sharing for many users. And this is only reason why actually some of you may not be able to solve the captcha challenge or even sometimes unable to device pairing.

Device Pairing on VPN service

Here the device pairing is based on the IP address, then if you are using Kodi VPN service and which comes with the different IP from your original connection. And here you need to pair by using the browser actually which also connected to the same VPN.


And of course this method has got one drawback since you actually ]won’t be able to stream movies from the popular and the most reliable host such as,, and the openload, so However, this is the most effective method to just get rid of the pair stream authorization error message on your Kodi. All the best!